Lacrosse Training

We provide 1:1 and small group training for middle school and high school students at all skill levels.

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College Lax

We guide high school players through the application and recruiting process to help athletes find the right college program for them.

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Player Evals

We conduct customized evaluations of individual players as well as complete teams to create comprehensive development plans.

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Why Lacrosse?

1. Lacrosse truly is the fastest game on two feet. The pace is what makes the game so exciting to play and watch!
2. Lacrosse helps develop agility and quickness.
3. Size doesn't matter. Short or tall, lean or stocky, there is a style of play that works for players of all sizes and shapes.
4. Teamwork. Lacrosse helps you develop team skills that will translate across all aspects of your life.
5. Accountability. Lacrosse helps athletes learn to show up every day. To work hard. To be tenacious. And to follow through.
6. Fun! It's always a good day to play (or coach) lacrosse.



Brain Safety

AIA Bylaws require all student athletes to complete the Brainbook online concussion education course prior to participation in practice or competition. Although lacrosse is not yet recognized by the AIA and is still a club sport in AZ, this course is highly recommended for all lacrosse athletes. This course, developed by the Barrow Neurological Institute, is also available to players in other states who need concussion training.