Stick Selection

Selecting the right stick can be especially challenging for new players. Learn about some common mistakes in our blog post.

Headgear In Women's Lacrosse

Because girl's lacrosse is not a contact sport, headgear is optional for field players. In boy's lacrosse, most concussions are caused by player collisions resulting in high rotational forces and shearing. Helmets cannot protect against these types of forces. In girl's lacrosse, most concussions are caused by a ball or stick hitting the head, resulting in direct linear forces. Proper fitting helmets can provide some protection against these types of forces.
Get the facts about helmets and concussions in girl's lacrosse at Future Medicine. And goalies, check out this great post from Coach Damon at Lax Goalie Rat. Then read our review of the Cascade LX Headgear.


All Ball Pro Rebounders

One of the best ways to improve your lacrosse game is to get on the wall. Ideally, players will spend some time each day engaged in deliberate and focused practice and wall ball is a great way to concentrate on and improve technique. Sometimes it's hard to find a good wall to work on and backyard rebounders aren't always a good option. Many brands can't hold up in weather and others don't bounce back well. After seeing a demo with the All Ball Pro, we had to get one. It's a game changer. Read our complete review here.


Epoch Purpose Review

Coming soon.