Cascade LX Review

The Cascade LX Headgear is a one size fits most adjustable helmet. It comes with an integrated steel face mask eliminating the need for goggles. The LX mask was designed with open sight lines for clear vision and many players find they prefer the mask to traditional goggles.

The helmet is lightweight and easy to fit but does take some breaking in. Most girls can expect a light headache for up to a week. While the helmet is adjustable and does fit most athletes, some girls with larger heads will need to contact Cascade directly to purchase the LX with a longer strap.

An often overlooked benefit of the LX is that it was designed to accommodate a variety of hair textures and styles, allowing girls to take the helmet off and on without ripping out chunks of hair each time.

While the Cascade LX is well made, it is not indestructible and does require some maintenance. Don't leave the LX laying around outdoors and don't store it in your trunk when not in use. The heat will cause the pads to dry out and come loose more quickly. Check the strap and pads regularly to ensure a proper fitting helmet.

The Cascade LX
1. Meets the ASTM 3137 standard for headgear protection.
2. Meets the ASTM 3077 standard for eyewear protection.
3. Uses PORON XRD technology to protect against impact due to head-to-ball or stick-to-head collision.

Coaches Note: When a ball or stick makes contact with the helmet, it makes a loud and obvious noise. This makes it easier for the officials to make those calls. And it helps coaching staff check for concussions at the earliest possible moment.

For more information on concussions and lacrosse, check out US Lacrosse.

Reviewers Note: Review is based on two Cascade LX helmets, one standard and one with the longer strap. Both were purchased retail.  Cascade did not provide any compensation in exchange for a review.