1. Buying the cheapest starter stick. They don't cost much but they don't work well either. These sticks don't give good value. Check out this quick tutorial from Building Block Lacrosse.
2. Buying the most expensive stick in the store. This doesn't work either. As girls become more advanced players, they develop preferences for a certain stick feel or type of pocket. Ideal head scoop, width, and stiffness will depend on the position and skill level. Always try as many sticks as you can before you choose.
3. Buying a stick on style rather than performance. If you can make a great bounce shot but can't pass or catch, what's the point!
4. Expecting a stick to be field ready from the moment of purchase. Most sticks come strung very tightly and respond like a tennis racket. Plan to form a pocket before play. Learn 2 techniques with ESU Lacrosse and Taylor Cummings.