1. Forming the pocket in the wrong place. You don’t want your pocket just above the ball stop. And you don’t want it just below the top wall. The pocket should be placed just under the shooting strings.
2. Incorrectly adjusting the leathers and tracker pocket. The leathers should be slightly tighter than the tracker pocket strings to form a nice channel for the ball. If the leathers are too loose, a good channel is not formed and the pocket may no longer be legal. If the leathers are too tight, the ball may get stuck in the channel and the pocket will not be legal.
3. Failing to check the shooting strings. Ever. Pockets on a girl’s stick require regular checks and maintenance. This includes making sure your shooting strings are nice and tight!
4. Leaving your stick outside. Nothing destroys a pocket faster than bad weather. And here in Phoenix, if you want to see a STX launch pocket melt, just leave it in your car anytime between April and October!