Mental Game

Next level athletes aren't just skilled players, they're also mentally tough. Being able to focus on your game and control stress and anxiety are key.

Fundamental Skills

It's hard to play lacrosse without first mastering stick skills. Passing, catching, cradling, shooting, and ground balls are a great place to start.


Seriously. Physics! Players with a solid understanding of the principals of physics really do have an advantage in the game.


Club Travel

For middle school and high school athletes looking to play in college, we recommend club travel teams. Not all clubs, or tournaments are created equal however. The right club can help players to develop skills and prepare for college level play. The wrong club can be a huge waste of money or worse yet, instill bad habits that are hard to break. Find out what to look for in a club here.

Team Development

Looking to take your team to the next level? Our coaches will work with you to conduct a needs assessment and customize a plan specific to your team. From sports conditioning to mental toughness, or team play to team culture, we can help your team realize significant improvements. Contact us for details.