Stick Skill Development

If you're having difficulty mastering any of the fundamental lacrosse skills, we're here to help. We can conduct a thorough skills assessment and customize a training plan based on your unique needs. Both 1:1 and group training is available. Contact us for more details. If you're not in the Phoenix area or prefer to work on your own, we've curated some great how to videos for you.


Possession is critical in lacrosse. And the ball often ends up on the ground.

Being able to scoop up the ball and move it down the field is a necessary skill for all lacrosse players.

At all levels of lacrosse, ground balls win games. And championships! Learn 3 good ground ball drills with ILoveLacrosseTV.

Paul Rabil is one of the best players around. Learn how to catch a lacrosse ball the right way with an expert.

No matter your level of experience, it's always good to work on the basics. Learn how to pass with Paul Rabil.

Catching and passing are critical stick skills all players must master. But catching the ball is no help at all if you can't keep the ball in your stick. Check out this cradling advice from STX and Jen Adams.

While cradling, you need to protect your stick as you move down the field. Learn how to do it right with STX and Jen Adams.

Perfect your inside shot with STX and the legendary Jen Adams.

More expert tips from Paul Rabil. After you've mastered passing and catching, learn how to shoot.

One of the best ways to keep your skills fresh is to get on the wall and practice with BOTH hands.

Practice deliberately. Really focus on your movement. Don't allow any distractions.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Check out this wall ball routine with ILoveLacrosseTV.

Goalies need to have fundamental stick skills as good as any field player. But the goalies need specialized skills and training as well.

This video by Championship Productions has some simple drills to help goalies meet the ball and positional themselves correctly.